1. No money out of pocket!

Exactly as it sounds… when you hire us to help you maximize your claim, please, keep your checkbook in your pocket.  BY LAW, a public adjuster may not charge any fee up front for our services. If one ever does… REPORT HIM!

Remember, we’re working for you, not for the insurance company, so if we don’t get you paid, we haven’t done our job, right? That’s why we don’t get paid until you get paid.

2. Survey says... We'll help you get more money! (A lot more!)

OK, not a survey, but a study.  There was a study done by OPPAGA that shows that hurricane related claims which were represented by a public adjuster resulted in payments that were more than SEVEN times greater (747%) than claims not represented by a Public Adjuster.

For non-catastrophe related claims, using a Public Adjuster netted claimants almost SIX times more (574%)

So here’s the simple math:

A broken pipe, for example… without a Public Adjuster, you might be offered, let’s say, $10,000.  With a Public Adjuster, your offer could be as much as $57,400.  Of course, this is just an example based on the OPPAGA, and your results may vary.

3. Your initial offer is a "sucker bet"

Generally speaking, insurance companies follow a simple pattern:

Deny the claim or make a low offer…fast!  If the offer is refused, delay!

They’ll come out to the damaged property and then either deny the claim or make a low ball offer… FAST! Their hope is that the insured either just accepts the denial or that they see how “cooperative” the insurance company is being and that they want the quick money, so they are enticed to sign and accept the offer.

If, however, the property owner rejects the offer, then the insurance company goes into “delay” mode.  They will often times drag out the process so long that the insured eventually gives in and accepts the initial offer.

Don’t take that initial offer! Get a Public Adjuster on your side and watch how the insurance company changes its tune.

4. Even your broker isn't really "on your side"

Remember the guy or company you bought your insurance policy from? He’s gotta be independent, right? He should be a neutral party, shouldn’t he?

Guess who paid him a commission when you bought your insurance policy!  Yes, the insurance company. Did you know that its in his best interest to keep the number of claims low and to keep the payouts on filed claims as low as possible. Why? He can get penalized if his client book files too many expensive claims.

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